Corporate CPR Training

No matter which industry, employee safety is always a top priority!

Over the years studies have shown the risk of deadly cardiac arrests typically occur between 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon;  10,000 occur in the workplace each year according to OSHA.

CSNC, LLC would like to help you start the process of getting your basic training program in place by offering CPR and/or First Aid courses for your staff.  By training your staff you will increase the chances of survival from sudden cardiac arrest when it occurs in the workplace.

Providing on-site training, by bringing certified CPR trainers right to your place of business, reduces downtime, and minimizes time employees spend commuting to/from an off-site CPR training. class.

Corporate CPR Training will ensure that someone experiencing a cardiac episode receives immediate help, and that a life may be saved.

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