Contract Your Services

Healthcare professionals learn how to be an independent contractor and be your own boss! From negotiating contracts to be a travel nurse or contracting independently with an established insurance firm, we can guide you through the process!

Who can be an Independent Contractor?
Nurse Practitioners, RN’s, LPN’s, and CNA’s.

What is an Independent Contractor?
An Independent Contractor works on a contractual basis instead of directly for a health care provider. They play a major role in filling the void left by the current health care staff shortage, especially in under-served areas where hiring and retaining qualified health care staff is difficult. The difference between an Independent Contractor and an Agency Nurse/Agency Nurse Aide is that Independent Contractor works for themselves and receives 100% profit, while Agency Nurses/Agency Nurse Aides work for a company and receives only a portion of the profits.


Where can you work?


 In-Home care

Outpatient clinics

Some state agencies (DDS)

Private insurance companies

Pharmaceutical research

Law offices