Continuing Education

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5 reasons
nurses should focus on Continuing Education

Today’s acutely and critically ill patients require sharply tuned alertness and extraordinarily complex care from a team of highly skilled health professionals. Nurses confirm that patients admitted to their units are sicker than ever before.

  1. In order to provide the best patient care you must invest in educational opportunities that give you up to date knowledge and skills. Although education takes time, learning new information is beneficial to you, your employers and patients.
  2. If you choose to become certified in a particular discipline, this validates specialty knowledge, experience and clinical judgment. Certification validates your expert knowledge and skills and therefore positions you for appropriate recognition and a critical sense of confidence and achievement.
  3. Whether certified or not, continuing nursing education gives you an opportunity to brush up on knowledge you may not have used recently or to gain a more technical background in your specialty.
  4. Continuing your education serves as a viable means of improving your professional competence with the outcome of improved health care and job opportunities.
  5. Ongoing education and experience reduces your exposure to risk and better prepares you to make informed decisions that encompass a larger scope.

Continuing nursing education can also assist you in the continual acquisition of knowledge, the extension of professional responsibilities, the expansion of interpersonal skills, and the improvement of problem solving approaches to professional practice.