Clinical Research Firms

Smith Group, LLC Helps Clinical Research Firms Fill their NURSE STAFFING NEEDS



As an entrepreneur and registered nurse I am fully aware of the desire to have a highly qualified and competent nursing staff.  Smith Group, LLC offers a promise to  meet  industry standards and provide peace of mind.

 Industry Standards

Not every individual has the character and composition to succeed in the clinical research arena.  Smith Group, LLC will only staff Medical Research Companies with the most qualified candidates. From asking the right questions to conducting detailed screenings, we will ensure your nurse staffing needs are met while protecting the integrity of your clinical research site and study. Smith Group, LLC only provides nurse staffing to clinical research facilities. Thus, allowing us to form long-term relationships with a few businesses. As a result, a deeper understanding of your company and its unique staffing goals can be achieved.

Peace of Mind

Smith Group, LLC will complete all nurse staff screening, hiring, payroll, and training.  This will allow you and your team to focus on more pressing matters that arise. Smith Group, LLC sets a higher level of standards for itself and its candidates. We focus not only on skills but integrity. Smith Group, LLC is a “hands-on” agency dedicated to the proposition that… “whatever serves the client best serves the agency best.” When you work with Smith Group, LLC you will see how our process ensures a level of consistency from your first interaction to every ongoing conversation.

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